I Miss The 1970’s White Man Bands

The Mad Jewess

I Miss The 1970’s White Man Bands

The Doobies, The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zepp to name a few.  Seems to me that there are just no good white man bands anymore.  Ever wonder why?  You all may ‘like’ this neo America, but I don’t.  AND The ‘music’ reeks of satanic propaganda now,  it’s all about black hip-hop crap and slutty women prancing around on stage like wanton b’tches in heat.  Why can’t these young bands & ‘singers’  get that their ‘music’ is just noise pollution??

Some of these bands below still perform,  but never really make it to the MSM because they only build up ghetto crap to control the sheep.

“Long train running” The Doobies:

“I cant tell you why” The Eagles:

“More than a Feeling”  Boston:

“Gimme Back My Bullets”  Lynyrd Skynyrd:

I hate today’s clanging craziness.  I miss the 70’s style music.  It’s timeless.

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