Roe v. Wade Really About To Be Overturned?

The Lone Cactus

The United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments this past Wednesday on whether or not Mississippi’s abortion law is legal. Now, if all you do is listen obliquely to the talking heads in the mainstream media, you’re going to think that the Supreme Court is about ready to get rid of Roe v. Wade, the decision that allowed abortion to be legal across the United States back in 1973. Unfortunately, once again, the media has got it all wrong.

Abortion will still be legal in this country regardless what the Supreme Court decides.

At issue isn’t whether abortion should be legal. It’s whether or not Mississippi’s law should be legal. And when you look at through that prism, you’re looking at an entirely different set of questions. Whether you are for or against abortion really isn’t at issue here. It’s whether or not in the State of Mississippi, you can…

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Kamala Harris Calls Unvaccinated “Dirty Trump People” … What Lies Beneath The Smack-Talk ??

Kamala Harris Calls Unvaccinated “Dirty Trump People” … What Lies Beneath The Smack-Talk ??

(Chortling Evil)

By Adina Kutnicki

THOSE with eyes to see and ears to hear recognize, by now, that America is not only in a precipitous state of decline, but purposefully being thrown off the cliff. Effectively, none of the domestic (and foreign) wildfires are accidental, knock-on effects of poor mismanagement, or happenstance. Not by a long shot.

AS such, it behooves every freedom-loving American, that is, of sound mind, to step up and participate in active [emphasis placed] push-back to save the nation. If not, rest assured, within this decade, the western world will cease to exist. Whither America goes, so too does the rest. It is the last bastion. Bulwark. Without it, freedom and liberty will truly be DOA!

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