Why Is Trump Given A Hall Pass On Killer Injections? 

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Why Is Trump Given A Hall Pass On Killer Injections?

Well, why?

Not ONE Politician is innocent. Good read: Why is Trump given a hall pass on killer injections? 

Trust NO man. Fear none of his ‘gods’.

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HALLELUYAH! God IS Hearing Us! #Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Expected To Step Down. DIE Twitter! Just DIE!

The Mad Jewess

TWITLER (@patmaninaz1963) / Twitter

I keep praying Twitter DIES!They kicked me off in 2016 for defending myself against horrible, nasty, militant, sodomite homosexual pigs!


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is expected to step down from his executive role,CNBC reported, citing sources. Twitter Stock Soars After Report Says CEO Jack Dorsey Will Step Down

Keep praying they ALL just DIE! God is hearing! We prayed! GOD IS HEARING: Prayers For The Absolute Destruction Of Facebook, Twitter & TheMedia

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I LOVE Christmas Carols! Here Are Some For Your Listening Pleasure

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Retro Winter Picture Gif Animation | Animated christmas, Animated christmas  card, Animated christmas greetings

In the past few years, all I hear is how “Christmas is pagan” from some folk. Leftists crying andranting about how we shouldn’t say “Merry Christmas”. I am really tired of hearing this junk! I grew up in a SANE America and Christmas was a time to celebrate. It was such a happy time. I never noticed anyone being ‘pagan’. In fact, it seemed to be that Christmastime yielded so many nice things…people giving to others, “It’s A Wonderful Life”, beautiful choruses singing about Christ.. NOPE! Im not into the “Christmas is pagan’ garbage.

You can’t listen to these songs and think Christmas is evil. Nope. Not buying it.

For those who love this time of the year…Let’s celebrate it!

This is a really Vintage (like 1800’s) video:

This is traditional 20th Century Christmas:

All the movie stars and old time singers:

My all-time favorite Christmas song:

Beautiful Christmas Scene 🎄 - Christmas Fan Art (41617609) - Fanpop

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