Written By My 2nd Cousin, E Cumming About The Men Who Served In The US Military (My Family Over 120 Years)

The Mad Jewess

Written By My 2nd Cousin, E Cummings About The Men Who Served In My Family

He wrote:

I started thinking about the lives of service, within my own family and how the world has unfortunately become a “Me first” environment. We have seen lives devastated by fires, looting and needless death in the last few years. People say it is because of the inequality of our society, whether it be today, or 150 plus years ago. Were there injustices? Yes, there were and there still are today. Those that suffer are not restricted to one Race. My uncle, due to his political position, along with many others, was sent to Siberia when the Russian Forces invaded Lithuania, and the Country fell.

More recently, in the 70’s while serving in Asia, I saw poverty like no can imagine. Children in tattered clothing, unlike I have ever seen before, playing…

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