Clint Eastwood

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

June 30th,2021

Among his most notable quotes: “The Day I turned 21 I registered Republican.

His Stint at CPAC where he talks to an empty chair.

Great Quotes:

During the credits at the end of his movies, the camera will move around the location it was filmed in, after which there will be freeze frame for the rest of the credits.

Frequently uses shadow lightning in his films

Known on-set as a director for filming very few takes and having an easy shooting schedule.

Tim Robbins once said that when working on Mystic River (2003), Eastwood would usually ask for only one take, or two “if you were lucky”, and that a day of filming would consist of starting “no earlier than 9 a.m. and you leave, usually, after lunch.”

The lead characters in his movie are often outsiders with a dark past they prefer…

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