Project Veritas: MORE LEAKS: Facebook Insiders Reveal ‘Tier 3’ Secret ‘Filter’

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More information has come to light inProject Veritas’ bombshell Facebook Insider storyregarding vaccine comment regulation.Here are some of the highlights from today’s release:In addition to classifying Coronavirus-related comments into a Tier 1 and Tier 2 system in the name of demoting “Vaccine Hesitancy,” there is also a Tier 3 category which “filters” content that expresses — or advocates for — objections or skepticism about vaccines, based on personal beliefs or opinions, including:“Liberty-based objections or skepticism,” “Religious-based objections or skepticism,” “Personal objections or skepticism,” “Political & Institutional-based vaccine objections or skepticism,” and “Development-based vaccine objections or skepticism.”“Expressing objections or concerns about being pressured to vaccinate by a vaccine registry or ‘vaccine passports’” also ranks comments as Tier 3 “Vaccine Hesitancy” to be “filtered.”These Tier 3 comments are not “demoted” like Tier 2 comments. Instead, T3 comments receive the action “FB+IG: Filter from preview/inline,” meaning the…

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