Sen. Tim Scott delivers GOP rebuttal to Biden’s remarks | FULL

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Tim Scott –

Instead of blocking the rebuttal, yt decided to add 4, yes 4 commercials to reap profits, in this 14 minute speech.

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Biden’s Post Office spy scandal explodes (wild)

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APRIL 29, 2021

by Frank Holmes, reporter

If you are conservative, your Facebook posts have a much larger audience than you think: your friends, your family, and an unknown number of government agents.

Stunning congressional testimony has confirmed that the Biden administration has the Post Office spying on “right-wing leaning” social media accounts that post “inflammatory” material… and the program may not even be legal.

Yahoo News first broke the story of a secret surveillance program run by the U.S. Postal Service called the Internet Covert Operations Program, or “iCOP.”


But why is domestic spying happening through the Post Office?

“There is no need for the Post Office to do it. You’ve got FBI, Homeland Security, and so on, so I don’t know why the post office is doing this,” said University of Chicago law professor Geoffrey Stone, a former Obama associate.

He said he doesn’t think “the Postal…

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