Global Plandemic 001 (Video)

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Global Plandemic. The COVID Pandemic IMO is just another segmant of the Global Plandemic. I can’t tell you when it started bur it took root with the Global Warming Crisis decades ago. The Global Warming, climate change has thus far proven to be nothing more than a money, power grab scheme. IMO the Coronacirus pandemic has proven to be just another chapter of the Global Plandemic. You have surrendered your freedoms for what? You have let those supposedly elected to represent you close your businesses, limit your freedom to travel and meet with others, walk around wearing masks and being subjected to injection with experimental gene altering drugs. Wake up and start thinking, think for yourself and stop listening to the experts like Dr. Fauci. Experts who have been pretty much wrong at every turn, not unlike the climate change experts.


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