“I’m done with your bullshit” – Me too! (Video)

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Jul 2, 2020


This young lady like most of us, has had enough of the B.S.

President Trump Asks a Question

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

March 27, 2021

Do you really believe there is not a single entity in Washington DC who did not know the purpose of Robert Mueller was to maintain the attack posture against President Trump and simultaneously cover for the previous surveillance and targeting operations?

The White House staff was leaking information out on a daily basis.

Much of it could have been stopped if the President’s administration had fired or removed hold overs from the Obama administration.

Too be sure, if he had all Republicans, there would have still been leaks by those not loyal to the President.

Until the Mueller fiasco those who hadn’t followed it had no idea how vicious the left can be?

It’s not much of a reach to put Mueller’s kangaroo court with the democrats theft of last years elections.

If we are going to ever become a true Republic, the…

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