This is very simplistic. Gas Holiday.

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I sell widgets and it costs me $8.00 to make one. I sell them for $9.00 and make a dollar profit. The government has a $1.00 tax per widgit. I make $1.00. They are going to eliminate the $1.00 widget tax so widgets will cost $9.00 not $10.00 Hip hip hooray. They are then going to tax me $1.00 to replace the lost tax. I now have to sell widgets at $10.00 to make my profit of $1.00 and they will tax tax me the $1.00 per widget. Nobody benefits except the politicians that are promising something for nothing. WAKE UP PEOPLE. I am sure that economists and others will have a million reasons why what I say is wrong, but education doesn’t always make common sense. Think about it.

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